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Consumer-oriented packaging concepts for convenience and snack products.


MULTIVAC benefits

 Efficient solutions for any business size

 From anti-tamper protection to maximum shelf life

 Reduced packaging material consumption, more sustainable packaging materials

 Optimised staff deployment

 Easy line control and operation


 Packaging snacks with the F 286

 Asia Bowl ready meal in sustainable and recycling-friendly packaging





Eleven innovations for your success

to make everything even easier, more efficient and more sustainable.

Discover our innovations in the areas of processing, packaging and automation now.

Our Innovations



MULTIVAC benefits


Consumer-oriented packaging concepts for convenience and snack products.

Producers of snacks and convenience products count on our solutions when they want to protect the packaged product, extend shelf life while reducing any flavour and nutrient losses.

  • Comprehensive technology portfolio

  • Flexible stand-alone machines for smaller quantities

  • Fully automated lines for large quantities

  • Sustainable packaging to replace plastic products

  • Flexible financing models

Perfectly matched to your products and customers

MULTIVAC offers a wide range of solutions for the professional packaging of fresh produce. The focus is on protecting the freshness and quality of your products, while using the most sustainable packaging materials possible.

  • Sustainable retail packs

  • “Ready to eat” snacks

  • Large packs for the food service and catering sector

  • Classic retail packs

  • Creative packaging concepts for online retail

  • MultiCook™ for maximum consumer convenience and product quality

Always the ideal packaging solution

MULTIVAC MULTIVAC has all the important packaging technologies in its product range. So that we can provide you with objective advice and develop the most suitable solution for you and your customers. Reduced packaging material consumption and more sustainable packaging materials are an integral part of our approach. As is the possibility of growing with our solutions, whether you need more capacity or the integration of additional functions.

  • Efficient thermoformed packaging

  • Flexible packaging into trays

  • Reliable packaging into flowpacks

  • Easy packaging into film pouches

  • New:

    - Thermoformer F 286, Thermoformer R3

    - Traysealer T 305

    - Flowpacker W 500

Use your staff more efficiently.

From individual functionalities to fully automated lines – you’ll benefit from just as much automation as you need. Each of our solutions is individually configured in terms of product feeding, packaging processes, pack discharging, labelling, quality inspection and final packaging – and delivered to you turnkey on request.

  • Automatic washing, peeling, sorting, weighing, portioning, dosing, etc.

  • Feeding, loading and packing

  • Labelling, printing

  • Checking, discharging

  • Case packing in cartons, boxes, ...

  • End-of-line solutions

MULTIVAC Line Control

The MLC significantly simplifies operation, ensures reliable and reproducible processes, and minimizes potential operating errors.

Central control at any line terminal enables your employees to carry out their work safely, reliably and efficiently:

  • Line start-up

  • Line start and stop

  • Recipe changes across lines

  • Line emptying

  • Line status overview




Efficient, sustainable and attractive on the shelf. Sustainable packaging concepts for ready meals in carton trays.

An R 245 thermoforming packaging machine produces carton-based packaging with up to 80% less plastic. At the same time, the packs are printed with variable data by a DP 200 direct web printer and the print image is then checked by an I 420 inspection system. For exceptionally efficient production, all line modules are fully integrated and can be operated via HMI.

The use of MULTIVAC PaperBoard contributes to the sustainability of the solution as well as to pack differentiation at POS.

  • Safe, reliable processing of PaperBoard trays

  • Reliable forming of the functional layer

  • Easy separation of paper and film by the consumer simplifies recycling

Boost your sales with flexible, efficient solutions. Price/performance-optimised packaging concepts for snack products.

With the F 286, MULTIVAC now offers a new thermoform packaging machine specially developed and optimised for the production of snacks. It stands out for its impressive performance, reliability, pack quality and ease of cleaning. All this, at an outstanding price/performance ratio, since unnecessary functions have been deliberately eliminated. This means that the investment in an F 286 pays off quickly for you.

  • For snack packs of up to 30 mm in height

  • Made of aluminium and plastic films

  • Reliable processing of target-printed films

  • Precise cutting of visually appealing packs with fail-safe opening aids

  • Up to 240 packs per minute

MultiCook™: Maximum consumer convenience and product quality (1/2)

MultiCook™ revolutionises the preparation of oven-ready packaged foods. MultiCook™ is used for high-protein convenience products with meat, fish and poultry as well as vegetables. Main applications are foods enhanced with marinades, spices and sauces.

  • Foods are prepared by the manufacturer, packaged in oven-safe MultiCook film and then deep-frozen or refrigerated.

  • Consumers remove the food directly from the fridge or freezer and cook it in the oven or microwave

  • The structure of the MultiCook™ films is such that the seal seam of the pack opens on its own when a certain pressure is reached. An additional steam valve, as often required by other oven-safe packs, is not needed

MultiCook™: Maximum consumer convenience and product quality (2/2)
  • Preparation in the closed pack means that the product's natural moisture is retained in the best possible way during the cooking process.

  • At the same time, there is no need to handle raw products, the kitchen remains clean and the consumer can be sure of perfect results.

  • The films for MultiCook™ packs can be processed reliably and with high efficiency on MULTIVAC packaging machines.