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Fresh solutions for Fresh Produce


MULTIVAC benefits

 Efficient solutions for any size of operation

 From anti-tamper protection to maximum shelf life

 Reduced packaging material consumption, more sustainable packaging materials

 Optimized staff deployment

 Easy line control and operation

Innovative packaging solutions Perfectly matched to your products and customers

 Top Wrap Label for sealing trays

 MULTIVAC FreshSAFE – for improved shelf life and safety

 Tray packs with natural atmosphere (anti-tamper packs)




Eleven innovations for your success

to make everything even easier, more efficient and more sustainable.

Discover our innovations in the areas of processing, packaging and automation now.

Our Innovations



MULTIVAC benefits


Fresh solutions for Fresh Produce

Fruit and vegetable producers count on our solutions to best protect the packaged product, extend shelf life, and reduce flavor and nutrient losses.

  • Comprehensive technology portfolio

  • Flexible stand-alone machines for smaller batches

  • Fully automated lines for large batches

  • Sustainable packaging to replace use of plastic

  • Flexible financing models

Perfectly matched to your products and customers

MULTIVAC offers a wide range of solutions to professionally pack fresh produce. Designed to best protect the freshness and quality of your products – with packaging materials that are as sustainable as possible.

  • Bulk packs for the food service and catering sectors

  • Classic retail packs

  • “Ready to eat” portion packs

  • Creative packaging concepts for online retail


  • Top Wrap label as pack closure


Always the perfect packaging solution

With its comprehensive product range, MULTIVAC covers all key packaging technologies. We always provide you with unbiased advice and develop the most suitable solution for you and your customers – with reduced packaging material consumption and more sustainable packaging materials. Our future-proof solutions support your business growth – whether increasing capacities or the integration of additional functions.

  • Efficient thermoform packaging

  • Flexible packaging in trays

  • Reliable packaging in flowpacks

  • Easy packaging in film pouches

  • New:

    - Thermoformer F 286, Thermoformer R3

    - Traysealer T 305

    - Flowpacker W 500

    - Bag Loading System MPL

Use your staff more efficiently

From individual functionalities to fully automated lines – you’ll benefit from just as much automation as you need. Each of our solutions is individually configured in terms of product feeding, packaging processes, pack discharging, labelling, quality inspection and final packaging – and delivered to you turnkey on request.

  • Automatic washing, peeling, sorting, weighing, portioning, dosing, etc.

  • Feeding, loading and packing

  • Labelling, printing

  • Checking, discharging

  • Case packing in cartons, boxes, ...

  • End-of-line solutions

  • New: Labeller with Price Marking L 312 FW

MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC)

The MLC significantly simplifies operation, ensures reliable and reproducible processes, and minimizes potential operating errors.

Central control at any line terminal enables your employees to carry out their work safely, reliably and efficiently:

  • Central control of all line elements possible at just one terminal

  • Line start-up

  • Line start and stop

  • Recipe changes across lines

  • Line emptying

  • Line status overview



Innovative packaging solutions Perfectly matched to your products and customers


Top Wrap paper label for sealing trays

The combination of cardboard trays and paper labels provides single-sort packaging that is ideal for the recycling process. The trays are simultaneously sealed and labelled with the L 310 Top Wrap Labeller.

  • High flexibility of the self-adhesive labels in terms of material thicknesses and shapes

  • Die-cuts and adhesive-free zones are also easy to achieve

  • Automatic, reliable labelling in continuous operation

  • Manual feeding as well as integration into lines are possible

  • Significant cost savings and more efficient processes







MULTIVAC FreshSAFE: Fresher longer.

MULTIVAC FreshSAFE extends shelf life in the most natural way possible: an equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging (EMAP) is achieved through the interaction between the respiration of the product and the required film permeability.

  • With MULTIVAC FreshSAFE, the film is perforated directly in the packaging machine – perfectly adapted to the product’s degree of ripeness

  • Active FreshSAFE: Protective atmosphere (MAP) and micro-perforated film

  • Passive FreshSAFE: Works only with an adapted micro-perforation, i.e. without gas exchange.



Tray packaging with natural atmosphere

Anti-tamper packs protect fresh and sensitive products from contact and mechanical influences – along the entire logistics chain. Beyond that, however, they do not have any shelf-life extending properties.

For the production of anti-tamper packs, we recommend the use of automatic traysealers:

  • Thanks to a special, open-die concept, anti-tamper packs can be produced with high output and outstanding efficiency

  • MULTIVAC traysealers are available in various performance classes

  • They pack safely, reliably and efficiently - either as a stand-alone solution or as a central component of an automated packaging line