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Eleven innovations for your success - to make everything even easier, more efficient and more sustainable.

Discover our innovations in the areas of processing, packaging and automation now.


 TVI GMS 400 Portioning System


 SLI Sustainable Liquid Interleaver

 HM 600 Honing Machine

Packaging in Trays:

 T 305 Traysealer

 T 255 Traysealer



 W 500 Flowpacker

 Inline-Etikettierer IL 171

Thermoform packaging:

 F 286 Thermoformer

 R3 Thermoformer

Packaging in Pouches:

 MPL Pouch Loader



 L 312 FW Full Wrap Labeller with variable weight price printing

Dough Processing:

 PDU Product Decoration Unit Progressa bread line




TVI GMS 400: The new portioner for compact and highly flexible lines

The compact GMS 400 can process almost any type of meat and perform a wide variety of portioning tasks. From medallions to cutlets to roulades, from carpaccio to larger roast pieces and from non-bony to bony meat from pork, lamb or veal.

  • Highest portioning quality for almost every application

  • Portioning without remnants now also available in the entry-level class

  • Patented 3D forming system and single-slice depositing

  • Only a few sets of dies are needed for a wide range of products

  • Superior price-performance ratio




MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaver: Innovative. Cost-effective. And, of course, sustainable.

MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaving eliminates the need for plastic or paper separating films (interleavers) between slices. A liquid interleaving agent is applied evenly to the underside of the slices via atomizer nozzles to reduce adhesion between the individual slices.

  • Individual slices can be removed easily and without damage

  • Also suitable for highly adhesive cold cuts such as thin cheese, raw ham or vegan products

  • Separating agents can be neutral in taste and odor, or can add special flavors to the product

  • For new lines as well as for retrofitting existing slicer lines

HM 600 Knife Honing Machine: Easy maintenance of slicer knives

We recommend our HM 600 honing machine for the regular and careful maintenance of MULTIVAC slicer knives. It is a remarkably safe and reliable solution for sharpening slicer knives precisely and automatically with minimal material removal. You benefit from optimum cutting performance and cutting quality over the long term.

  • Careful sharpening with low material removal, due to one driven and one tracking sharpening wheel

  • Reliable mechanical contour tracking

  • Individually selectable number of sharpening cycles performed automatically

  • Water cooling for fast, gentle sharpening





Traysealer T 305: Best in class overall. An automatic traysealer for small and medium batches.

The T 305 delivers a superior all-in-one package for quality: process, machine, pack quality, product protection as well as sustainability. It is designed to enable you to work profitably: easy operation, efficient cleaning, fast format changeovers and effective maintenance.

  • Flexible packaging under vacuum and with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

  • Quick and easy format changes

  • The tool can be configured from 1 to a maximum of 4 tracks

  • Loading area available in several lengths for optimized adaptation to production environments

  • Inline option available: Trays are automatically fed by upstream conveyor belts

Semi-automatic Traysealer T 255: Powerful floor unit with a turntable for ergonomic packaging

Semi-automatic traysealers are ideally suited for packaging small and medium batches and they fit seamlessly into new or existing production environments as tabletop and floor units.

  • Flexible packaging: sealing only, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), MultiFresh™ skin packaging with and without product overhang.

  • High output, e.g. 5 cycles per minute with MAP packaging

  • Fast format changeover and safe cleaning

  • Easy operation: PLC control with touch screen and convenient online access

  • Individual die design for trays of up to 140 mm in height

The new MULTIVAC W 500. Expect more from your flowpacker.

Easier, more precise and more hygienic than ever before.

The MULTIVAC W 500 embodies the evolution of flowpacking technology and combines outstanding performance with precision and convenience. Designed for a wide range of applications and products, the new flowpacker supports the use of sustainable films and paper-based materials.

  • Precise servo-drive technology for maximum speed and process control

  • MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ for perfect hygiene, reduced cleaning effort and minimal downtime

  • Attractive price/performance ratio

  • Wrinkle-free longitudinal sealing due to independent roller speed adjustment

  • Reliable cross-sealing through precise and recipe-based control of sealing temperature and pressure

  • Seamless integration of labelling solutions, such as labels and printing

Thermoforming Line F 286. Differentiate your ready meals & snacks from the competition and benefit from outstanding cost efficiency & productivity.

A MULTIVAC thermoforming line for the convenience food & snack food market with a low investment. Intelligent functions and easy operation help you produce higher-quality packs with optimized cost-effectiveness. This thermoforming line can replace four conventional rotary bag machines. The MR299 direct web printer with inkjet is fully integrated.

  • Optimised for packaging snacks in aluminum laminate and flexible film

  • High output of up to 240 packs per minute

  • Lowest operating costs for snack packs in terms of loading personnel and packaging materials

  • Attractive packs with target-printed top and bottom films and rounded corners

  • Quick changeover between formats – in five minutes

  • Knee-free loading area in various lengths for ergonomic manual loading with high output

  • MULTIVAC Smart Services: Higher efficiency thanks to advanced digital services

Thermoforming solution R3. Outstanding performance & flexibility at an affordable price.

Respond to rapid changes in your production requirements for simple food, medical or industrial applications.

The new R 3 with the integrated DP 130 direct web printer is a new entry-level thermoforming solution that offers an excellent balance between performance and investment.

  • Exceptional reliability

  • New pneumatic hoists, easy operation and additional controls in the insertion area

  • All components meet our proven, excellent quality standards, resulting in outstanding performance

  • The DP 130 is perfectly matched to the R3’s new design and fully integrated to the HMI

MULTIVAC Pouch Loader (MPL) – The next level in pouch loading

Streamline your packaging process and increase your output while cutting costs:

The MPL is a semi-automatic complete solution to minimize the effort required for manual loading of pouches and machines.

  • Up to 40% labor savings versus manual pouch loading

  • Run chamber belt machine at full capacity – eliminate bottlenecks caused by manual loading

  • Reduced risk of product contamination due to less product touching versus manual loading

  • Easy, ergonomic loading of pouches without lifting the product

  • Very compact footprint

  • Upgradeability/can be easily integrated to packaging line





Conveyor Belt Labeller 312: Flexible labelling and weigh price labelling with just one machine

With the new L 312 conveyor belt labeller, attractive full-wrap labelling combined with weight-dependent price labelling is possible on just one machine and in a single operation. Unweighted packs are precisely weighed, priced with a thermal transfer printer and attractively labelled.

  • Precise, calibratable weight determination for a wide variety of pack types, such as trays, skin packs or thermoformed packs

  • Integrated MULTIVAC TTO printer for printing of prices and weights

  • Attractive labelling over four sides of the pack (full wrap)

  • Wide range of label and adhesive materials and label shapes can be processed

  • D labelling, C labelling and top labelling possible with just one machine






FRITSCH PDU: Automatic, high-precision decoration of baked goods

The Product Decoration Unit is an innovative solution that automatically and precisely cuts or presses decoration patterns into the surface of dough products.

  • Precise decoration with customized patterns or logos

  • Highest precision when applying the pattern due to integrated camera system (minimization of rejects)

  • Excellent product quality due to gentle processing of very soft doughs on the IMPRESSA bread

  • Maximum flexibility in terms of product shape and weight

  • Easy adaptation to current market or seasonal trends

  • Low space requirement and excellent hygienic properties, as no intermediate proofing cabinet is necessary

PROGRESSA bread: The compact bread line

The PROGRESSA bread line processes soft doughs with long pre-rise very accurately in terms of weight and with minimal use of oil.

  • Processing of very soft and pre-risen doughs in the smallest possible space (5 m)

  • High weight accuracy due to extremely precise weighing technology

  • Minimal use of oil due to flouring of the dough belt on all sides

  • Fast and easy cleaning thanks to excellent accessibility, mobile components and elimination of electric and drive technology in the working area

  • Large capacity range (up to 1,800 kg dough/hour) and production without residual dough

  • Very gentle rolling of a wide variety of doughs (up to 80% rye) thanks to the Soft Dough Roller (SDR)