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Product-friendly solutions for animal and plant-based proteins


MULTIVAC benefits

 Portioning without waste

 Gentle product slicing

 Efficient and sustainable packaging

 Optimized staff deployment

 Easy line control


 Burger patties (Flowpacking Modified atmosphere packaging MAP)

 Steaks for end consumers (Tray packing Modified atmosphere packaging MAP)

 Fresh meat for bulk users (Pouch packaging Vacuum)

 Cold-cut slices, cheese slices (Thermoformed packaging Modified atmosphere packaging MAP)




Eleven innovations for your success

to make everything even easier, more efficient and more sustainable.

Discover our innovations in the areas of processing, packaging and automation now.

Our Innovations



MULTIVAC benefits


One more steak every time

Whether steaks, cutlets, roulades, chops, barbecue skewers or shashlik – with TVI you can portion efficiently, economically, hygienically and reliably. In retail and gastronomy applications. Uncompromisingly good. Day after day.

  • Weight-optimized and waste-free portioning. With and without bones.

  • Reliable transfer to packaging solutions

  • Energy-saving tempering of the initial product

  • Specialties: Barbecue skewers, shashlik sticks

  • New: GMS 400 portioner

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Higher slicing quality, easier operation, lower costs

From bread slices to carpaccio: with innovative slicing technologies and a wide range of portion shapes, MULTIVAC slicers are exceptionally efficient, compact and user-friendly.

  • Gentle, product-friendly slicing system

  • Fast and ergonomic changeovers

  • Reliable transfer to packaging solutions

  • Extensive range of accessories for maintenance and cleaning of slicers and slicer knives

  • New: Sustainable Liquid Interleaver, HM 600 knife sharpening machine

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Always the perfect packaging solution

With its comprehensive product range, MULTIVAC covers all key packaging technologies. We always provide you with unbiased advice and develop the most suitable solution for you and your customers – with reduced packaging material consumption and more sustainable packaging materials. Our future-proof solutions support your business growth – whether increasing capacities or the integration of additional functions.

  • Efficient thermoform packaging

  • Flexible packaging in trays

  • Reliable packaging in flowpacks

  • Easy packaging in film pouches

  • New:

    - Thermoformer F 286, Thermoformer R3

    - Traysealer T 305

    - Flowpacker W 500

    - Bag Loading System MPL

Use your staff more efficiently

From individual functionalities to fully automated lines – you’ll benefit from just as much automation as you need. Each of our solutions is individually configured in terms of product feeding, packaging processes, pack discharging, labelling, quality inspection and final packaging – and delivered to you turnkey on request.

  • Portioning, slicing, weighing, sorting, ...

  • Feeding and loading

  • Labelling, printing

  • Inspection, discharging

  • Case packing in cartons, boxes, ...

  • End-of-line solutions

  • New: Centrifuge MCF, Labeller with Price Marking L 312 FW

MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC)

The MLC significantly simplifies operation, ensures reliable and reproducible processes, and minimizes potential operating errors.

Central control at any line terminal enables your employees to carry out their work safely, reliably and efficiently:

  • Central control of all line elements possible at just one terminal

  • Line start-up

  • Line start and stop

  • Recipe changes across lines

  • Line emptying

  • Line status overview





Burger patties in a modified atmosphere flowpack (MAP)
  • A space-saving, high-performance and extremely flexible line for automatic separation, feeding, packaging and labelling of vegan burger patties

  • Different pack layouts (with and without cardboard trays, as stack, as multi-pack)

  • The flowpacking solution is suitable for fast product changeovers and excels with outstanding cost-effectiveness with high performance

  • An inline labeller applies a final label to the packs from above

  • The use of very thin film and the elimination of process-related film residues contribute to the sustainability of the solution


Shingled steaks in a self-service tray pack with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • Compact and highly flexible portioning line with automatic portioning, feeding and packing of fresh meat

  • The new compact GMS 400 portioning system, specially developed for the entry-level sector, ensures best portioning quality and optimum yield of product output

  • The tray packaging solution is suitable for fast product changeovers and excels with outstanding cost-effectiveness and high performance

  • Sustainable packaging materials such as mono-materials or MULTIVAC PaperBoard can be processed safely and reliably on the traysealer

Sliced meats in thermoformed packaging with modified atmosphere packaging(MAP)
  • Compact, high-performance slicer thermoforming packaging line with automatic slicing, feeding, packaging and labelling of sliced products

  • Efficient and gentle solution for products made of animal and plant-based proteins

  • The slicer is equipped with a Sustainable Liquid Interleaver. Thanks to the use of the spray system, no paper or film is required as an interleaver

  • After modified atmosphere packaging, the MAP packs are labelled on the top and bottom via cross-web labellers. The thermoformer enables optimized packaging material consumption as well as the use of sustainable packaging materials

Fresh meat in vacuum pouch packaging for bulk users
  • Compact, high-performance pouch packaging solution with semi-automatic pouch loading system

  • Ergonomic and hygienic pouch loading with the MPL semi-automatic loading system

  • Efficient packaging process and high output thanks to chamber belt machine with decoupled infeed belt (split belt) for simultaneous loading and packaging

  • MULTIVAC Hygienic Design for easy, safe and reliable cleaning

  • Easy expansion and upgrading to a complete shrink packaging line with shrinker and dryer are possible