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Automised packaging of sliced fresh meat in trays

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Headline T 800 [ID: 1488]

Automated traysealer line

for portioning and packaging of fresh meat

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Linie T 800 [ID: 1489]


Linienprodukt Portionierer (Kopie) [ID: 1630]

GMS 520 singlecut
portioning system from TVI




The multi-functional and highly flexible GMS 520 singlecut portioning system from TVI can process all types of red meat and poultry - for every portion in any consistency and always optimised for weight and product trim. Even meat with bone can be cut into very even slices with the GMS 520 singlecut. If the product is well tempered, slice thicknesses of 1 mm can be achieved, while the maximum slice thickness is 50 mm. Even at high throughput, the portioner always ensures the highest product quality is achieved as regards cutting, forming and arranging of the product.

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Linienprodukt T 800 (Kopie) [ID: 1632]

High-output T 800 traysealer

The filled trays are then transferred to the high-output T 800 traysealer, designed to produce MAP packs and MultiFresh™ vacuum skin packs. The packaging machine is equipped with energy-efficient drive systems, can be washed down, and allows for quick die changes.

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L 310 conveyor belt labeller

with D labelling

The packs are then labelled on a L 310 conveyor belt labeller with D labelling. The LD 210 label dispenser first applies the label to the top of the pack, then over both sides and finally onto the base of the pack. This type of labelling enables vacuum skin packs in particular to be labelled very attractively. Labels with different compositions can also be applied. At Anuga FoodTec for example, paper labels will be used, which have a very high degree of rigidity and therefore give a particularly high-quality impression.

In addition to this, the line will also include a space-saving and user-friendly combination of

checkweigher and metal detector (I 211)

for reliable detection of all metals.

Interview Spix MT03 Food 2018 II [ID: 1491]

„Better Processing“ in top shape

The range of MULTIVAC equipment is not just however restricted to product infeed, but also extends as far as end-of-line systems.

"We can offer virtually all variants of inspection, marking and box loading systems, right up to palletising equipment. Although we supply many different sectors, or focus is still clearly on the food industry."

Guido Spix, Managing Director and CTO/COO of MULTIVAC

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Customers all over the world trust

the know-how and experience of more than

1.000 MULTIVAC sales advisors and service technicians