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Slicing and packaging of cheese, ham and other meat products on a minimal footprint

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Headline R 245 [ID: 1497]

Automated slicer line on a minimal footprint

Linie R 245 [ID: 1498]


Linienprodukt Slicer (Kopie) [ID: 1633]

S 800 slicer





The S 800 slicer is equipped with a full automatic central loading and offers a high slicing speed of up to 800 slices per minute. The portioning system can perform any portioning task - from precise placement of slices in shingled portions and straight or offset stacks, through to the shingling of wafer-thin cut products, and right up to the folding of individual slices. The servo-driven portioning system, which can be raised and lowered, enables stacks up to 80 mm high to be produced, as well as tall shingled portions and large bulk packs of product.

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Linienprodukt Horizontal Loader (Kopie) [ID: 1634]

Horizontal Loader

The Horizontal Loader is designed to ensure that a wide range of sliced portions can be transferred very efficiently from the slicer to the thermoformed packs. Thanks to the use of this hygienic loading system, which is very gentle on the products, it is not necessary to bridge any height differences between the slicer and the packaging machine, meaning the length of the complete line is reduced significantly.

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Thermoforming packaging
machine R 245

The R 245 thermoforming packaging machine itself is characterised by its very high level of machine efficiency and the reduced consumption of packaging materials and energy. The proven MULTIVAC drawer system for the simple change of forming and sealing die parts, as well as the hinged side cladding and a film quick-change system enable the machine to be converted quickly to a wide range of pack formats.

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L 330 conveyor belt labeller

is used to label the pack

H 130 handling module

is used to load the packs into boxes

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"Better Processing" in top form

MULTIVAC offers you complete packaging lines from one source for sliced products such as cheese, sliced meat and ham .

"We create added value for our customers with our line expertise."

Tom Stachel, Head of Slicer Business Unit Slicer

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